Support for Adoptive Parents & Foster Carers

Therapeutic Support for Adopters and Foster Carers

Post adoption support Scotland.

Becoming a parent is life changing for everyone. Becoming an adoptive parent or foster family brings its own unique rewards, issues and challenges. At Adoptive Parent Support we fully understand this.

We offer therapeutic support for adoptive parents and foster carers throughout Scotland on a face to face basis and around the world online and by telephone to all adopters and foster carers (at any stage of their journey). We now also offer teen coaching for adopted or care experienced teens.

Our toolkit includes coaching, mentoring and psychotherapy.

We are experienced adopters ourselves, as well as foster carers to teenagers so know first hand what emotions you are likely to be experiencing.

The children usually arrive with difficult histories; our role is to nurture them while keeping ourselves in the best possible condition to be able to cope with their needs, which can sometimes be excessive.

Adoptive Parent Support works with parents and carers to help families thrive from Home Study, Matching, Introductions, First 90 Days in Placement and beyond … through the middle years, teens and twenties.

We recognise the impact of bringing a traumatised child or sibling group into your home can have on new adopters, experienced parents, other children in the family, foster carers and extended family.

It isn’t always easy, but with the right post adoption support and a safe confidential space to talk through your thoughts, feelings and challenges, things can turn around dramatically.

We know – we have experienced this first hand, post adoption support was crucial.



Support for adopters & foster carers

1-2-1 face to face coaching, online coaching, mentoring & guidance for adopters & foster carers in Scotland and worldwide.

Parenting kids from care can be challenging...we care for the carers

Placement of a traumatised child with complex needs was a shock that no amount of planning could adequately have prepared us for - now several years in, we have settled into a happy, thriving family.

While our social workers were fantastic, we wanted to talk to people who had actually adopted.

It was great speaking with other adopters at networking events but we wanted to be able to share the real nuts and bolts of life with an adopted child in a bit more detail and for longer than a chat over a quick cuppa.

We set up Adoptive Parent Support to help other parents access the services that we were looking for and provide post adoption support for parents.  We quickly realised these services would also be helpful to support foster carers. We have subsequently become foster carers too.

We provide support for adopters & foster carers to work through their thoughts, feelings & emotions. Our goal is to help adopters and foster carers be in the best possible condition to parent their children.

Every situation and experience is different, so we offer a bespoke 1-2-1 service to address the challenges you may face as an adopter or foster carer, whatever stage of your journey - helping you to enjoy and thrive with your new family.

Confidential emotional support for parents can add real value to your adoption or foster placement experience and help you to manage your emotions in a safe, private environment.

Therapeutic support for adoptive parents and foster carers based in Scotland, operating worldwide.