Adoption Support

Adoptive Parent Support is based in central Scotland and offers a wide range of therapeutic support services to adopters & fosters carers locally on a 1:2:1 basis and around the world by telephone or online at any stage of the journey.

We also work in partnership with adoption agencies, including Edinburgh based Scottish Adoption to offer parents of newly placed children additional support over the first 90 days of placement.

Adoptive Parent Support  holds weekly clinics in Edinburgh every week.

Our goal is to provide quality post adoption support to adopters and post placement support to fosters carers so that they are in the best possible mindset to be able to positively parent their children.

We also do more general therapeutic work such as confidence building, career coaching, help for those feeling stressed and anxious, positive thinking, breaking bad habits and more. We’ve alo started working recently with adopted teenagers and care experienced teens who need support outwith their immediate family.

We use a number of tools including:


Coaching helps you to see that you have choices and control over your life and helps you to map out your goals, work out where you are now, then work with you to devise a plan of how to move forwards. It is an incredibly powerful process and provides real and valued support for adopters and foster carers.

Support and Mentoring

We have first hand experience of adoption and foster caring, so understand the joys and challenges it can bring to parent children from today’s care system. You will have our 100% commitment and support during our sessions as well as a safe place to discuss your feelings, thoughts and emotions.


Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to induce a heightened state of relaxation. Therapy is given when you become deeply relaxed and the unconscious mind becomes highly receptive to new or alternative perspectives and ideas.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide variety of issues, including: stress, anxiety, confidence, phobias, time management, worries, habits, nail biting, nerves, blushing and more. Parents often say a short session is just like a four hour nap – great if you have a child who is up in the night.

We are qualified to Certificate level through the National College of Hypno-Psychotherapy  and working towards Diploma level and registration of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.


We are adopters and foster carers as well as therapists, so are well placed to fully understand, provide support and assistance to you.