Other support for adopters & foster carers

There is a wealth of different types of support for adopters and foster carers.

Adoptive Parent Support specialises in 1-2-1 coaching, mentoring and online coaching to assist adopters and foster carers at any stage of the journey plus adopted teenagers and care experienced teens.

Every family is different, so while some may love the idea of 1-2-1 face to face coaching or online adoption coaching, others may prefer social activities with other adopters and foster carers – to share experiences and speak to others who ‘get it’.

Your adoption agency or fostering agency will usually organise opportunities to meet up with other parents and children where friendships can be formed for peer support and many will also host training sessions and guest speakers.

Most adoption agencies and Adoption UK  also offer lending libraries where you can borrow books and DVD’s on specific topics of interest.

Others may prefer the anonymity of the online forums or the support from a very active Twitter community #Adoption #Fostercare

Here are some of our favourite sources of support for adopters and foster carers:

For Adopters

Adoption UK
Scottish Adoption

For Foster Carers

The Fostering Network

For Children

Family Futures



Jane Evans Parenting Expert 

Sally Donovan

Bryan Post

Daniel Hughes

FASD Network 

Support for adopters and foster carers.